Proud of your colors

The soul of a country, the beauty of its culture, its pride...

highlighted by the Komorebi t-shirt

  • Wear your colors with pride

    Choose your heart flag and be proud of your colors!

  • Made in France

    Knitted in Troyes, made in Roubaix and assembled in Paris

  • Made from recycled cotton

    Reduces CO2 emissions in manufacturing by 90%

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Komorebi, the flag t-shirt

We are the first to offer all the flags of the world on our t-shirts 🏆

Made in France 🇫🇷, in recycled cotton ♻️

Komorebi, a poetic name for a universal concept

Komoreb i (Japanese 木漏れ日) translates to 'sunlight through the leaves of trees'.

The objective: to share the beauty of the flags of the world.

The Komorebi World