Le drapeau du Maroc expliqué

The flag of Morocco explained

The Origins and Colors of the Flag

The Moroccan flag, adopted in 1915, is red with a green Star of Solomon at its center.

  • Red symbolizes the Alawite monarchy and the sacrifice of Moroccan soldiers.
  • Green evokes hope and Islam.

Part 2: The Flag in Moroccan Culture

The flag is omnipresent in Morocco, in schools, public buildings and celebrations. It represents national unity.

Moroccans proudly brandish it during festivities and use it in art and calligraphy.

Part 3: The Flag: Symbol of Unity and Pride

The flag transcends its symbolism to become an emblem of national pride and Moroccan identity. It strengthens unity in the cultural diversity of the country, recalling the commitment to the nation.

It is a pillar of national consciousness, a constant reminder of Moroccan history and culture.

حب طويل للمغرب
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