From a young age, Valentin has been passionate about flags


While studying in India, Valentin discovered local craftsmanship and the richness of the Indian textile industry. Inspired, he launched Komorebi with his childhood friend Julien.


Valentin began his career at LVMH in Hong Kong in finance, after having acquired this rich experience; he decides to take back Komorebi


Komorebi organizes its first pop-up store in Euralille, meeting with resounding success.


Komorebi becomes the official equipment supplier of the Nepal team

Komorebi (from Japanese 木漏れ日)

Komorebi , a Japanese word, which evokes a volatile moment when sunlight delicately passes through the foliage of the trees. It is this luminous dance, this play of shadows and light, which embodies the values ​​of Komorebi .

'Highlight the flags of the world'

Our goal is to reveal the light of the world's flags , symbols of pride, belonging and millennia-old stories. Each T-shirt is decorated with an embroidered flag of your choice, delicately sewn at the heart. Each flag tells a unique and precious story , a story that transcends borders and unites cultures.

Wear the colors of your heart!

Komorebi is also the desire to take you on a journey through the flags of the world, each telling a story , recalling travel memories and precious moments . Wearing Komorebi means celebrating cultural diversity while making a gesture for the environment. Each T-shirt represents emotions , sharing , memories and unique stories .

Meet Valentin, the Founder of Komorebi!

Valentin: “ When we travel, we change countries and cultures, and flags fascinate me because they transmit symbolism and a story with their shapes and colors. Flags convey values ​​specific to each person. »

Founder of the Komorebi brand, Valentin took the bold step of offering T-shirts adorned with an embroidered flag, symbolizing the highlighting of cultural diversity and unity. Komorebi , whose name means “ Light through the leaves” in Japanese, perfectly reflects this philosophy.

Since he was little , Valentin has been fascinated by flags, symbols of pride and identity. His numerous backpacking trips with his parents awakened in him an insatiable curiosity for world cultures . These experiences shaped his vision and values.